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President's Message

January 2009

Looking forward to 2009, may you experience the joy, inspiration and inner fulfillment that is the potential of the New Year! The vibration of the coming year is an 11; this could to be a time for great change, giving each of us the opportunity to grow inwardly strong with greater sensitivity and personal wisdom. 2009 could also be a time of uniting with others for the good of all. My personal goal is to strengthen my partnership with my inner guidance and keep pace with my spiritual freedom for growing in joy and sharing with others... 
A thought from Dorinda, WCF President

A Member's Message - -

After last week's Spirit Call I received an inspiring message from a spiritual leader and WCF member that touched on our purpose together. He provided valuable insight and a suggestion for new direction in the coming year. I would like to share some of it with you:

"WCF is unique to itself. Its great strength is its inclusion and giving opportunity to many to express their wisdom within. The facts are everyone already has what they need to address any situation and fulfill their own life, through their own feelings with the backing of their angels. All people need to do, in my view, is value themselves, love themselves and start expressing their concern for themselves. By valuing themselves, their intellect settles down and their innate wisdom can then come through to guide their life...

Again, the beauty of WCF is its inclusion and simplicity. My suggestion is to celebrate each person by posting their message each week on the WCF website along with their name, looking back at least a year. Collectively, I am sure if we read all that people wrote, the movement of the big picture of Spirit would become clear. No one has exclusive access to God for we are all God within and united in our love. The road ahead is a simple expression of our feelings through our joy!"

- - John H. Pease, Jr., WCF Member, PCCI Ordained Minister and Elder

I would like to thank John for his timely suggestion and will act on it on 2009.

Share Your Wisdom & Inspirational Messages --
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Beginning in January, the WCF Weekly Message will be provided by Spirit Call participants who have an inspiration to share. Your inspiration could be original or a favorite passage from another source. E-mail your message including your name and location to: president@ wayshowerscommunityfellowship.org.

Everyone will have the opportunity to share a message on the call and see it on the WCF website. We will contact you about your timing for sharing on the call. There are 52 weeks in the year so that gives potentially 52 persons opportunity to share!

Thanks To You --

Thanks to all of you who are a part of WCF, either as organization members, donors, or participants on the Spirit Call. A special thanks to those who have taken leadership opportunity in WCF in 2008, including: Mary Johnson, Vonnie Owens, Robyn Twito, Elaine Wilson, Douglas Howard, Dawn Overstreet, Kathleen Ellis, as well as, to the writers and photographers who have contributed to the Spirit Is Our River newsletter, and to all the Spirit Call hosts and co-hosts during the past year! You are the Love and Fellowship in WCF!

Always "It's the Spirit that Unites Us"


Dorinda Fox, President
Wayshowers Community Fellowship


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