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Hello and Happy New Spiritual Year!

This month WCF begins to unfold its purpose on a new level by developing a plan to focus on various spiritual traditions in an organized and experiential way. Our goal is to give opportunities that can deepen awareness of living In Spirit in a variety of, as well as, expand our understanding of various faiths, particularly from the feeling point of view. We have created a calendar and template for exploring different paths with background information and suggestions for personal involvement and/or group fellowship activities.

Spiritual and religious practices can help us experience our oneness with the All and the brotherhood of humankind; they can enrich our personal growth and our service, and they can help us relate to people of all backgrounds. Exploring various practices may also inspire personal awareness of life-times involved in particular religious paths.

Each month will be focused on a different tradition. The calendar will include 12 separate religious paths as follows:

September: Native American
October: Taoist
November: Hindu  
December: Buddhist NEW 
January: Christian
February: Judaism
March: Islam
April: Ba'hai
May: Maori
June: Polynesian
July: Aboriginal
August: Mayan

Exploration material and suggested activities will be shared by e-mail and posted on the WCF website at www.wayshowerscommunityfellowship.org

Here is our template for the spiritual traditions:
1. Historical perspective
2. Beliefs, spiritual practices and how they are applied today
3. Techniques, prayers or meditations
4. References for music, movies and/or further reading.

If you have information or inspiration from any of the traditions we will be exploring, please e-mail your input to  president@wayshowerscommunityfellowship.org
Also, if you would like to be on a team to create the calendar focus material, please let us know, even if you are interested in working on only one or two of the traditions. Ours is not meant to be an exhaustive study, critique or dogmatic treatise on any of the religions. Our greatest goal is that each monthly focus will aid in exploring beyond what we know and inspire a deeper spiritual experience. We hope you will plan at least one WCF fellowship group meeting during each month to try out some of the suggested techniques.

The month of September is dedicated to the Native American traditions. Special thanks go to Kathleen Ellis who is taking a major lead in planning our calendar of events. Enjoy discovering the gifts found in each spiritual tradition!

In light, love and joy,
Dorinda Fox
WCF President

(C) Copyright  2001-2009 W.C.F., All Rights Reserved